Monday, 29 June 2009

Electrelane - 2007-03-16 - Brixton Academy, UK

This was one of a number of nights where Electrelane supported The Arcade Fire on their Neon Bible tour.

After failing to discover the correct track listing for this recording, it was originally traded by myself (back in 2007) to a handful of people with track 4 split as 2 individual tracks. I've since corrected my mistake and also boosted the levels of this decent recording.

I missed the first second or so of track 1, as the band took me completely by surprise and started playing almost as soon as they'd arrived on stage! This was the first time I'd ever seen or heard Electrelane and I can honestly say I quite enjoyed them. The recording came out pretty good to say they were the support act. There is some audience background noise, but not enough to detract from enjoying the show.

Thanks to Grampish on for helping with the setlist.

Electrelane - 2007-03-16 - Brixton Academy, UK - FLAC
134MB RAR archive, FLAC format


01. Bells
02. After The Call
03. In Berlin
04. Eight Steps
05. Between The Wolf And The Dog
06. To The East

(Download link updated on 27th January, 2013)

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